Taking Small Steps Towards Big Goals

Most, if not all of us have goals. Some of these goals might be smaller, short term goals such as running a certain distance on a Saturday morning, or finishing a book by the end of the week. Other goals are larger, such as saving to buy a house, or travelling around the world. Some goals are ambitious, such as the goal to build your own business and become financially independent. The larger the goal, the more likely it is that the attainment of that goal can feel overwhelming. It is completely natural to feel daunted, unmotivated, or even depressed in the face of the journey that must be taken to achieve your goals. In this article we quickly look at the effectiveness of taking small steps towards big goals.

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”


If you’re deterred from tackling the challenge of moving towards a goal, the first thing to do is to break the goal down into smaller steps. Rather than keeping the end position in mind, you can work back in steps until you arrive at a goal that is more manageable. If your goal is to eventually develop a 20 storey skyscraper in the centre of London, first consider building a low rise building in Manchester, and before that a house in Birmingham, and before that refurbishing a small flat, and before that reading about planning permission, and before that simply looking at property development news.

Building a skyscraper is a big goal. However, how many people would shy away from reading an article in a magazine or on a website about another developers plans? That sounds perfectly attainable. So go ahead and do it. Congratulations, you’re on the path to building a skyscraper.

By simply taking that small step and reading the article, you do what many never do. You take action and make progress. It’s small progress. It might seem completely insignificant, but it’s progress. By reading that article, you knowledge is slightly expanded, and most important, who you are changes. You’re no longer someone who sets goals that are simply dreams never pursued. No. You are someone who is actively moving towards their goals. That mindset is empowering.

Big Goals

You want to get in shape. Don’t expect to hit the gym and do an hour longer intense interval workout. Get up in the morning and do 5 push-ups. Then go to work and go about your day as normal. Some of you might say ‘what good will 5 push-ups do’. Remember, it’s about mindset. You’re now someone who works out in the morning. You’re now someone who does push-ups before work. You can tell yourself that, and even other people if it comes up, and it won’t be a lie. You’ll be moving towards your goal. Momentum is motivating.

In fact, motivation looks to install momentum. It looks to inspire people to move towards something. You don’t need motivation to give you momentum. Momentum is your motivation. You’re a snowball rolling downhill picking up mass and speed as you go. Those 5 push-ups become 10 push-ups then you add a few sit-ups and you feel good and you feel yourself on the path towards achieving your goals and it motivates you to go a bit further and a bit further until one day, you look around you after a 1 hour intense interval workout at the gym and realise you’ve made it.

It’s all about taking small steps towards big goals. One day at once. A bit further every time. Is there any other way?